March 20, 2023


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Precision Ag Technology
WWAS has teamed up with Ag Partners to offer AYS, an innovative and very customer-friendly precision technology program. Farmers who want the latest tools to evaluate their soils, categorize data effectively and apply variable rate seeding and nutrient technology on their farm should look into AYS.

Grid sampling is our first step in data collection to help you determine the highest per field returns on your farm. Grid sampling helps us identify how much variability is in your fields. We use sampling results to help us make sound recommendations for precise nutrient applications and seeding rates. Grid sampling also helps us identify various zones within a field so we can make recommendations that will maximize your production inputs.

Management zone examples.
AYS is designed to help you make better decisions using quality data from your farm. AYS customers will be able to dig deeper into their field data to locate their most yield limiting factors and correct those issues. AYS customers will also have access to hybrid and variety performance ratings, compare yield versus population rates, evaluate planting depths and row widths, manage nitrogen applications, and benchmark their operations against others in a national data pool.
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