February 1, 2023


You want expert agronomic services to maximize returns on input investments.
Western Wisconsin Ag Supply works hard to make that happen.

Western Wisconsin Ag Supply (WWAS) has a powerful combination of knowledgeable agronomists, modern technology, experienced applicators and one-on-one specialized consultation services to tackle any agronomic challenge large or small.

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How we work with customers

  • WWAS provides recommendations, ideas and solutions specifically targeted to your farm, fields, crops and soils.
  • We utilize precision ag technologies to put the right products in the right place on every field because no two fields are alike.
  • Our soil sampling is an intensive site specific grid sampling technique. This method of sampling divides fields into equal sized 2.5 acre grids to help us identify the fertility and pH variability within the field.
  • We use site specific soil test results to create variable rate fertilizer, lime and seed prescriptions for your farm.
  • Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service and expertise to maximize your return on input investments.
  • To reach a WWAS team member in the Agronomy department at Ellsworth, get in touch with one of our staff members.


Dana Lansing
Location Manager
[P] 715-273-5380
Derek Dicke
Agronomy Plant Manager
[P] 715-273-5380
[E] Email Derek
Kirsten Bauer
AYS Specalist
[P] 715-273-5380
[E] Email Kirsten
Brady Kinneman
AYS Specalist
[P] 715-273-5380
[E] Email Brady
Brady Coulson
[P] 715-307-0113
[E] Email Brady
Chase Kinneman
Agronomy Sales
[P] 715-273-5380
[E] Email Chase
Noa Lansing
Agronomy Sales
[P] 715-273-5380
[E] Email Noa
Eric Soley 
Agronomy Sales
[P] 715-273-5380
[E] Email Eric